Britney Spears' most revealing outfit from the 90s was worn 24 years ago.

Spears' debut album,...Baby One More Time, which was released in 1999, instantly catapulted her to megastardom.

Spears graced the red carpet in a provocative outfit that belongs in her wardrobe hall of fame before performing at her first VMAs in gunmetal co-ords.

With low-rise pants (because 1990s) and crystal-studded sandals, she marketed the all-black ensemble.

Spears' provocative outfits are perfect for the sassy fashion trends of 2023, but her makeup looks very '90s.

A year later, Spears made another provocative sheer debut at the 2000 MTV VMAs by donning her first whale tail.

Spice has always been a part of Spears. But that outfit from 1999 served as her springboard.

britney spear

britney spear